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Dyson DC24 Brushbar Motor Assembly

  • Brand:Dyson
  • Product Code:DYS914704-04
  • Availability:In Stock
Rating: 5/5. (5 reviews)
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Compatible with the brands listed below:
  • Dyson

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Genuine brush bar motor assembly for Dyson DC24 vacuum cleaners. This spare part rotates the brushbar on your Dyson DC24 vacuum.

Range DC24
| 5 reviews
Great delivery time, original part and fitted in less than 15mins. Over the moon a £30 solution rather than a £250 one. Phew!
| 5 reviews
Very good delivery time and using the information on the website, it proved quite easy to fit. Unfortunatley when I did complete the fitting it still did not work so I have to conclude that it is the PCB that is at fault and at in excess of £32.00 to replace that item I have decided to give up on the shoddy build quality of Dyson.
| 5 reviews
Very good service, good price. Genuine Dyson part supplied. DC24 fit for service again.
| 5 reviews
perfect product perfect price excellent service
| 5 reviews
I was using the Dyson DC24 when the brush bar stopped rotating and there was a distinct smell of electrical burning. I checked on the internet and decided it was the brush bar motor and determined that it was easy to fit from various videos on YouTube. Having obtained the part from ASW, it really was easy to fit. My wife used it and said the cleaner was now better than ever!
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