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Washer Magic Washing Machine Cleaner

  • Brand:Qualtex
  • Product Code:QUACLN016
  • Availability:In Stock
Rating: 5/5. (4 reviews)
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£5.99 £3.99

For all makes and models of Washing Machines

Washing Machine cleaner and deodoriser to remove deposits and their bad odours.

Washer Magic removes odour causing residue from areas seen and unseen in your washer. The easy to use liquid formula leaves no power residue behind. Washer magic cleans, freshens and maintains machines perfomance whilst removing hard water stains.

A common cause of a smelly washing machine is a buildup of derergent residue. If you are located in a hard water area a build up of limescale can be another common cause of bacteria growth resulting in a smelly washing machine. Mould growth can often be seen on the washing machine door gasket but unseen in areas inside the machine so cleaning just the seal is not often enough to shift the unpleasant smells. 

| 4 reviews
Excelent products have not cleaned machine from new aprox 6 years took all the gunk and mess away and left a very clean and sweet smelling washing machine
| 4 reviews
exelent product after not cleaning machine since new performed excelent and removed all smell and dirt residue
| 4 reviews
I used whole container dose to remove an unpleasant smell being omitted from my washer's drum and, hey presto, it worked! :-) fully recommend this product.
| 4 reviews
Fantastic cleaner worked very well removing the odour smell from inside my washing machine.
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